Air freight

Quick & safe air delivery of your cargo

Logistics services provided by VisionBest AirFreight (VBAF) is mainly centered around shipment of goods both inbound and outbound in any of the regional pickup and dropoff points (Sea/Airports) in Malaysia or surrounding regional countries. VBAF’s core business lies in breakbulking and freight consolidation of domestic and international air Cargo. Our Freight Forwarding also extends to Sea Freight Services, as we offer LCL (Loose Container Load), and FCL(Full Container Load) with breakbulking shipping systems. We are able to deliver more payload with less resources this way, and the savings are passed on to our customers. Through our involvement and rapport with multiple Shippers and Carriers, we have established a totally flexible system of scheduling that benefits our clients.

AirFreight Services offered by VBAF includes international freight forwarding and break-bulking by teaming up with a host of carriers and full cargo shipment provider. VBAF’s strength lies in the network of partners and agencies we have domestically, regionally, and internationally. We do entirely customizable point-to-point customs brokerage for all our clients, to ensure that the deliverables are handled smoothly and moves as quickly as possible through the checkpoints and security gates. Our company personnels act as proxies to liaise and obtain clearance with customs officers to ensure your goods arrive in a coordinated fashion with your business and shipping schedule. VBAF also offers LCL or Loose Container Load services, in keeping with our green and efficient “More Haste, Less Waste” concept. Loads that doesn’t occupy 15-30 foot in dimensions does not warrant a full container, and so Loose Cargo Loads is used as an alternative.


Low operational costs
Careful handling of valuable goods
Minimal processing times